The library at Kamo Nursery and  Primary School  is a popular place in the school. We now have a vast range of over 8,000 books for children to borrow. We are open for pupils every break and lunch time.

We are open to both pupils  and  younger siblings are welcome to come and borrow a book from the library. Not only will this help the children to develop reading skills but they will enjoy coming into school meeting staff and getting to know the school

Our Library is Effective:

  • Offer quality programs that support the curriculum.
  • Help teachers integrate information literacy skills into learning activities.
  • Promote information literacy by helping students develop skills to find, evaluate, use, create and share information and knowledge.
  • Enrich student reading experiences and develop independent reading skills.
  • Support teaching and learning strategies.
  • Provide teachers with professional support.
  • Source and deliver suitable and current resources in multiple formats.
  • Maintain collections that meet the needs of the school community.
  • Use current technologies to provide easy access to information.
  • Offer stimulating teaching and learning environments.
  • Reflect and support the social and cultural profile of the school community.