Kamo Nursery and Primary School  is Located at Mbagara kuu Mgeninani in Temeke District, Dar es salaam Region. The school is a Private owned School. The school is one of the best performing  and among primary schools in Tanzania.

Welcome to Kamo Nursery and Primary School  The school is dedicated to prepare and develop Spiritual Growth,  Mental Growth, Academic Improvement  and infrastructure development to the student who will engage and realize their full potential of their own and that of the community, their country and that of the world in large.

It is a Co-education School established in 2005 as a nursery school  with enrolment  seven students and Two teachers Where up to 2012 the school start enrolling students at standard up to now we have 328 students and strong teaching staff with enough number of teachers who are more dedicated and professional to handle students from nursery to primary level.

The school was Registered in accordance to Educational Act No 25 of 1978 with Registration No. DS.03/7/EA.053 for nursery school and DS.03/7/053 for primary school.</p>\r\nMost of Student are joining the School with no limitation of Knowledge and Skills, we take extra measure to hone up such skill in order to enhance the student’s ability to cope with the academic work, as well as their future life