Kamo nursery and Primary School teaching style is practical, personal and flexible. Training and learning is always guided, collaborative and hands-on, so you always feel in safe hands.

Our  staff are our best assets. They bring their unique life experiences, educational background and innovative ideas to our school. This ensures students receives theoretical and practical training based on current standards.

Our passionate teaching staff deliver  subjects that are most orientated and specific, ensuring student learning experiences equip for life after studying Would you probably like to join the Kamo ursery and Primary School staff? Listed below are the requisite qualifications:

  • Be ready to serve God through the upbringing of the children in Physically, Spiritually and Intellectual aspects.
  • Be ready to be a role model in your life in and out of the institution. Be a qualified teacher and a holder of CERTIFICATE, DIPLOMA or DEGREE  in Education.
  • Be full of patience and genuine love for children
  • Be ready to fulfill your Obligation as well as being self motivated, one who can work with or without supervision.
  • If you so qualify and the Holy Spirit so directs you to serve in this institution, do not hesitate to send your job Application letter and the institution will respond accordingly. May the peace of Christ help you in making your decisions!!


Our Integrity  Builds  Satisfaction and Loyalty to our Student and parents  this  loyalty is a direct result of the  integrity  shown by our school

Our technicians continue to excel on all possibilities for improving performance, safety and quality. We’re driven to be the best and it mainly starts with our passion for innovation